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benny.jpgby **Drew "Rukes" Ressler**
benny banassi is a techno DJ

Something that I do is play basket ball with my friends i like to do becuase it a fun way to be active
kobe.jpgkobe bryant
Something that I believe is you can do any thing if you try hard enouge i believe this because if you try you can never fail your self
Some music that I like to listen to techno and older rap like biggie and tupac I like It makes me think and I can relate to some of it and techno makes me want to move
2_pac_nig.jpgphoto by LOCAL
Something that I like to eat is buffalo wings buffalo wings are perfect for any sporting event who doesnt like that
Some place I want to be is in australiai I want to go to australiai becuase it has so much nature and bio deversity
Some thing I want to be known for is being respectable to people I think being when you have respect for some one its the first thing they notice and remember
Something I cannot do without my friends. My friends are a very big part of my life they keep me sane that why i cant live with out them
Something I would change how lazy i am. I want to change how lazy i am because it holds me back from alot of things
Something I are known for being funny and doing stupid stuff. people say im crazy and a nut because i will do alot of stuff that people wont like jumping off high cliffs. Or riding across the top of a dam on my bike
Something I want to know more about action sports that havent been herd about alout. I like action sports like sky diving but alot of the on herd ones are sicker so i want to learn about them