All my work jamiewp11I am on the track team for my school. I'm a sprinter and do 100 200 4x1 and sometimes 4x4. My favorites are definatly 100 and 4x100 because they are very short distances and you let all of your energy out at once.

I believe eminem is the best rapper in the world =). my favorite song by him is love the way you lie. I like how he did a collaboration with riahanna because they have 2 completly different styles, but the mix soo well. I also like how he sings about his personal life expieriences so people who have gone through roungh times have something to connect to.external image 338257024_fa605b351f.jpg

I listen to any type of music that catches my interest. I ocasionally listen to music that is slower like just the way you are by bruno mars, my favorite song. I like songs that aren't all rap but they partially are, i like divercity in a song too, like love the way you lie ^^.

I love to eat ICE CREAMMM!!!! It's probley my largest guily pleasure. I know it's very unhealthy, but it's realllyyy gooooddd. My favorite flavor is definatly cookie dough, i love getting the large chunks of the dough. ice_cream.jpg

I want to be at all of Justin Biebers concerts, he's the most amazingg singer in the world!! I don't see why some people don't like him. I think any guy that doesn't like his is just jealous that he has millions of girls chasing after him =P.justin_bieber.jpg

I want to be known for modeling. I'd love to model, i just have 1 thing holding me back, my parents. I've been told by many people that i should model, but my parents still won't budge =/.I'm sure if i meet the right agency with them they'll allow me to model, but at this point it's still just a dream.model.jpg

I could not do without my cell phone and my friends. My phone is a way of comunicating with all of my friends so it's a necesity. I love to text, it's def. not my life like some people, but i love it to a point. Sometimes my phone will annoy me though when some useless forward that shouldn't have been started in the first place was sent to me

. external image 2198923399_92d8ff2c76.jpg

I would change my study habits. I'd love to get back on the track of straight A's. Hopefully this will be the year!! That is definatly my largest goal of my 8th grade year. Now I've just got to achieve it. =)

I am known for my running? I'm not quite sure. On field day I get cheered for alot so i think that is one thing. People know me from track too. People that weren't on the team also know that I can run fast, so that is probley one thing I'm known for.


I want to know more about other cultures. I want to learn what they believe in and how they live their lives. One day I"m going to travel to India to see how people there live their lives. I'd love to witness and even get involved in things they do every day that were fortunate enough not to have to do. I would also help out some less fortunate people in india too.external image 208330752_f0770575c3.jpg