all of my work jeffreyw0all of my work
Something that you do- mma because i like knowing how to fight
Something that you believe- people can change because its possible
Something that you listen to- death metal because i like blasting it on my ipod and radio
Something that you like to eat-steak because it tastes good 373532208_31036249de_m.jpg[2]
my_food.jpg [3]

Some place you want to be- mexico because it is always worm.885614582_8cd49bc71d.jpg [4]

Something you want to be known for- being a good baseball player so i can play in high school473064846_57c49d242e_b.jpg
Something you cannot do without-food and water so i dont die.
Something you would change- I would consintrate more, that way i get better grades.
Something you are known for- being good at baseball
Something you want to know more about- kids around the worlds hobbies
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