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I play basketball. Basketballis my favorite sport. Playing against my friends, helps me become a better player, by learning new moves. Playing just for fun is good to because sometimes I like having friendly competition, instead of being so focused on winning.

I believe that the best basketball team in the NBA, is the Boston Celtics They are my favorite team because they have good defence, and offence. And the players aren't jerks like someplayers on other teams. My two favorite players on the team are paul pierce, and rajon rondo

I listen to all types of music, mostly rap and pop. My favorite singer is eminem. I like him because his songs are about life and he tells it hows it is. My favorite song the he made is probably Not Afraid. I like that song because its very upbeat, and it can get me pumped up at anytime of the day. Some of my other favorite artists are B.O.B, and Black Eyed Peas.



I love to eat my dad's home mad pasta fritters. I like to eat them because it is an italian food and I am 50% Italian. They taste really good, my dad makes them out of spaghetti, carrots, and corn. My last reason why I like to eat them is because my dad makes them, if he didn't make them i probably wouldn't have tried them because honestly they look gross.

I want to be at a baseball game when the red sox don't lose. the red sox are my favorite baseball team, and the two times that I have been to their baseball field they have lost everytime. Next game I go to the red sox are going to face the Yankees, and beat them.

I want to be known for being the kid that stands out and isn't just there. Most of the time I am quite and I want to become louder and get out of my shell.


I could not do without my friends. My friends are awesome, they are alway there for me when I need them. My friends are funny, and know how to cheer me up when I am feeling down. They get how I feel, which is why they are great.

I would change the amount of time that we have for gym. I would change that because by the time everyone gets changed, sits down, and then gets into their groups its already been 15 min. Also, we have to finish gym 5 minutes early to come inside, and get changed. We get more time than that in elementary school.

I am known for being smart, funny, and short. Everyone calls me a midget. In high school when I hit my growth spert I am going to be way taller than than everyone and laugh.


I want to know more about science. I want to know more about science because I think it is very interesting, and exciting. Science is exciting because all of the labs and expeirements we do are all hands on. In fifth grade most of the things that we did in science the teacher did, and we just watched.