All My Work

I LOVE to sing, dance, and act, because I love the feeling of being on the stage.

I believe that I can do anything if I set my mind to it, because I will work hard to get there.

I listen to any type of music. I can't go a day without listening to my iPod, especially the Jonas Brothers!!! I love music because its relaxing and fun!

I like to eat is Italian food; pizza, pasta, etc. because I'm Italian!

Something I want to be known for is a good, caring person that makes a difference in the world because those are the people who get remembered for years to come.

I can't do without my family, friends, and my iPod because they get me through the tough times.
If I could, I would change the the way people treat eachother because everyone deserves to be respected and loved.

Something I am known for is singing, dancing, and acting anytime, anywhere! I do it it to express myself.

Something I want to know more about is why I was put on this earth because then I could chase after what it is.
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    Some place I want to be is in Italy or Hawaii because they are both warm and have beautiful places to visit.

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