All my work Jilllg11

play sports- becuase i like to be active,healthy, and i like when my body is in good shape
i believe that-people shuldnt believe in rumors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!becuase when there not true it can hurt lots of people
i listen to-music all the time becuase i love the songs i listen to: never shout never,bob marley,eminem,B.O.B,Auburn and screamo!!!!!

i love to eat- junk food becuase it taste like a party in my mouth


i want to be a personally trainer when im older becuase my aunt does it and i like wht she does and i want to be fit alll my life
i want to be known for-my personality becuase i love itt hahaaa
i could not do without- a cell phone becuase i love to text people

i would change- the school dress code:)!!!!!!
i am known for- my looks
i want to know about-The world??becuase im interested