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Something that you do:play guitar I like to play guitar because of the move ment of my hand and the abillity to make music its hard but it gives me something to do other than watching tv
Something that you believe:anybody can do something, i believe that no matter what people can do something they say they cant
Something that you listen to:Metal/rock,because my favriote type of music is thrash metal or hard rock my favriote bands are metallica,three days grace,killswitch engage,disturbed,linkin park,slipknot
Something that you like to eat:Steak,my favriote type of food is meat i eat a lot more meat than anythng else
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Some place you want to be:South Korea,the reason why i would want to be here is because it was where i grew up.
Something you want to be known for:writting,i like to write a lot mostly about storys or things that happen.
Something you cannot do without:technology,i tend to spend a lot of time on electronics its eaither my i pod or computer.
Something you would change:the past,not sure what i would change but i might think of some things to change
Something you are known for:liking anime, I like to draw anime because it makes a challenge to draw a character a lot of the time i like to draw.
Something you want to know more about:how to play guitar,since im new at playing guitar im not very good at it i spend free time at home to learn about all of the tunnings of the strings
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