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Something that I do is go on the computer because I enjoy talking to my friends. [1]

Something that I believe in is god because I am catholic

and we are created by our father.

Someone that I listen to is the Rascal Flatts because my family likes country.rascal_flatts.jpg[2]

Something that I like to eat is chocolate covered strawberries because I love chocolate and I love strawberries.external image 467375162_1800fc51fc_m.jpg[3]
Some place I want to be is Greece because i want to see how people live there.[4]external image 2215795737_c4305fcd1a.jpg?v=0
Something I want to be is a physciatrist because I enjoy helping people with their problems.
Something I cannot do without is food because I eat when im bored!
Something I would change is child abuse because no child should be treated like that.
Something I am worried about is rain forests being cut down.

external image 143375575_25edfc7de2.jpg?v=1156947475external image spaceball.gif [5]
Something I want to know more about is life after death because that is where my loved ones are.
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