All My Work JohnG10

Something you do I play hockey because it is very fun.

Something that you believe I believe in God because that is my religion.

Something that you listen to I listen to hip hop because there are a lot of good songs.

Something that you like to eat I like to eat buffalo wings becasue they taste good.

Some place you want to be I would like to be in the Bahamas because I have never been there and it looks nice.

Something you want to be known for I want to known for my hockey skills because I like hockey.

Something you cannot do without I cannot live without my bike because I ride it everywhere.
Something you would change I would change why things cost so much because I don't have enough money for what I want.

Something you are known for I am known for being quiet because I don't talk a lot.

Something you want to know more about I want to know more about baseball because I love to play it.

John Gethings' Event Paper

Zahia was hereeee :] hi jaack!