All my work jonathanrexternal image 3178222752_60f1d8fda3.jpg play some electric guitar because I like music and its fun to do when im bored.

I believe that you could get good at anything if you practice

I listen to rock , because I like listening to the guitar

I love to eat chicken ,because it tastes good

external image 3080121646_c631bf762d.jpg

I want to be in Michigan ,because there is allot of stuff to do there .external image 542114865_7405780d31.jpg

I want to be known for being a great athlete ,because I love sports

I could not do without my laptop ,because like listening to music on it

I would change that I failed Spanish and got kicked off track last year

I am known for being a good athlete because im good at alot of sports, and im a fast runner.

I want to know more about how to become better at guitar, because I love to play guitar.