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1. Something that you do
I play football for my town. I'm the RB for my team and I'm not half bad.
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2. Something that you believe
I believe in God, because I'm a Christian.
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3. Something that you listen to
My mom because I have no choice. =[
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4. Something that you like to eat
Food, because all food is good.
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5. Some place you want to be
Somewhere on my own, thats when i get to think.
6. Something you want to be
I want to be an Abominable Snowman because, ever since I saw The Mummy 3 they have been my favorite animals.
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7. Something you cannot do without
Bacon, I love bacon so much. I eat it almost everyday.
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8. Something you would change
Life and the way it works.
9. Something you want to be known as
A cool person, because then I wouldn't be not cool.
10. Something you want to know more about
Why there is nothing at the end of a rainbow.


And there it is.