ALL MY WORK JLM10 Joe McKiernan

Something that you do I play the drums because i like am good at it.drums.jpg

Something that you believe I believe in‚Äč god beacause was raised that way church.jpg
Something that you listen to I listen to All that Remains because they have good music

Something that you like to eat BBQ ribs because they tastegood.

Some place you want to be Vermont beacause it is a nice state. Vermont.jpg

Something you want to be known for
I want to be known for designing weapons for military because I would like to help our military.M4A1.jpg

Something you cannot do without Xbox360 because it is fun. xbox.jpg

Something you would change driving age to 15

Something you are known for being awsome at Call of Dutybecause I play online with my friends. Cod_MW2.jpg

Something you want to know more about WWII because I am interested in American history.