All my work joebg11
I play football, baseball,and basketball because i am very atheletic. I like to play them all because they help me stay fit. I also like it because i am a very competative person.derek-jeter-picture-1.jpg
I believe that i will become a rich accountant one day because i am very skilled at mathematics. Math is my favorite subject out of the four. I want to be very wealthy to send my 2 kids to college.
I listen to all of my teachers because i want to get good grades in school. I want to be very respectful to my peers. I also like to make the best of my education because i think that education is the best thing to have.

I love to eat pizza because i like to eat things from where all of my relatives are from. I eat pizza because it is one of the 3 favorite foods that i have. I also like to eat pizza because it tastes the best when my grandma makes it because of her secret sauce.

I want to be eating at a McDonalds because i love fast food. I also like to be at McDonalds because it is cheaper than most fast food places.I like McDonalds because the food tastes very greasey and well cooked.

I want to be known for being the best baseball player in the United States because i am very good at sports.I also would like to be known for the best baseball player because i like to be recognized while playing sports. I like to be known for being the best player is because baseball is the one thing i am good at and will ever be recognized for.

I could not do without my friends and family because i would have nobody to talk to or interact with. I could also not do without my family and friends because they are the people who i love and that will never change.I could also not do without my friends and family because i can always use a good laugh when my friends and family tell a joke when im down in the dumps.

I would change one of the most embarrasing things i have ever done in fourth grade because i regret any mischief that i have done because i know that having a clear record is a very important thing. Also because you can get caught doing something totally out of line and go to jail for it. I would change that year because i got in trouble too much and no one wants to be known as a trouble-maker.

I am known for doing a lot of crazy stuff because i am a very active person and i like to have fun. Like one time i went to this bungie jumping place and I jumped off and i tried to do a flip but it just turned out to be a complete failure. I also tried to hurdle over one of the hurdles when i was around the age of seven and i fell flat on my face...those were the good old days. I tried making a cake in the micro wave when i didnt even know ow to cook yet and it exploded in the microwave.

I want to know more about any of the people viewing this page right now because i like to know about other people and their hobbies and such. I like to know about other cultures and how they eat and what their jobs are because it intreages me to see other people do something that we would do differently.