ALL MY WORK - Joemg11 I and other sports because I’m athletic and I love sports. I am very passionate.
I ...that New York Jets will win the Super

Bowl in 2011. The Jets have it all this year. Also, they
have the best cornerback in the NFL.
I listen to ...rock and roll. My favorite band is AC/DC.

I like the tone of the music in rock and roll.
I love to eat...chicken fingers and French fries. They

taste delicious. I like to dip them in ketchup.

I want to be at...a Yankee game this year. I haven’t

been to a game at the new Yankee Stadium. I did go
on 2 tours of the stadium.

Joe1.jpg want to be known for...teaching kids how to handle
Diabetes and making sure they take care of themselves
I take great care of my Diabetes. Some people think
it’s no big deal but, it’s very important to stay healthy.
I could not do family because they’ve

Taught me everything I know. They’ve helped me
with my Diabetes since I was 5. They are great people.
I would I study for a test. I am a good

student but, I could study more. I might make more

ALL MY WORK - Joemg11
I am known for...being a good person. I help others.
I also know basically everything about baseball. I
could name a Yankee for almost every number.

I want to know more because I started

playing this summer. Golf is a fun sport and I enjoy
playing it.