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I just found this really funny website! Here's the link: cows
moose.jpghttp://www.flickr.com/photos/7202153@N03/2780298470/ I like mooses. I also like lego stop motion. Here's one of my videos.

This is a post Mr. Bogush put on his blog about my lego stop motion essay.

“Because I just wanted to be creative…”

September 3, 2009 · 7 Comments

On the first day of school I read to the kids Gerald the Giraffe. An audio recording is below:
Gerald the Giraffe
At the end of the book we talk about finding that cricket in all of us, listening to it, and letting it drive the creative spirit in each of them–even in school. At the end of class I give the students a “Million Word Assignment” that is due the next day. This year I got a little surprise. I didn’t receive an assignment on paper or through email, but a video instead. The video is below–I recommend watching it on youtube and clicking on “more info” and following along with the script he provided.
I asked the student if I could share the video, and as I left I asked a simple question…”Why did you do it as a video?” He answered, “Because I just wanted to be creative.”
How many other kids “just want to be creative?” Have you given your kids permission to “just be creative?”

i did just want to be creative, but a small portion of it was that i was bored on a tuesday evening. heres the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfLN21AGjsE&feature=sub

(The file is too large to embed it directly. Greenscreens take up a lot of space.)

I'm also surprised that so many people commented on my post! I never knew that just following some crazy idea would start such a commotion! Wow... I was reading the comments and all of them were positive. Some people even seemed inspired by me. WOW!

NERF Guns​

http://www.flickr.com/photos/animakitty/458466458/ Yes i'm a nerf geek... I buy hack and customize nerf guns so that the end result ends up something like this.maverick.jpg

Something that you do: I hack nerf guns work on lego stop motion videos read a lot and generally geek about with my friends. I also enjoy playing dungeons and dragonswhich to some is the pinnacle of nerdiness.
Something that you believe: I BELIEVE IN SANTA CLAUS! I also believe in fair play and bending the rules a little...

Something that you listen to: Music. But not my parents :). I don't really care what type. A true music lover doesn't care what station he listens to he just turns on the radio and hopes that it's not commercials.

Something that you like to eat: Food (duh) It keeps me alive and healthy.

Some place you want to be: The Galopagos Islands. I think that the wildlife there is so unique and fascinating. All the animals are unique in an extremely special way. The Galopagos penguin is the only pengiun that lives north of the equator! (The picture below is a marine iguana. my favorite animal from said islands.)
Something you want to be known: Don't judge a book by its color. people don't really remember that much these days.

Something you cannot do without: Air because if we can't breathe then we die.

Something you would change: School should be fun, everyone should be respected. It's no fun when your not respected.

Something you are known for: Being a nerd.

Something you want to know more about: Everything! Knowledge is power!

Dungeons and Dragons.
CAUTION: This article is for supergeeks only. If you have ever expierenced the sensation to be "cool" or found that you don't care (or know) who Che Guevara is, then please, read this article at your own risk. The geekformation overload obtained from reading this article may cause symptoms such as: loss of caring, chronic who gives a darn and explosive weirderria.

As I explained earlier in the wiki, I play dungeons and dragons which, to some is the geekiest activity ever. But being a geek i think that it's quite fun. below I will try to post the current activities of our current campaign. since I am co-dungeon master with fellow geek and best friend Colin. There will be spoilers! Those who enjoy surprises beware.

In our current campaign it is Colin's turn to run the quest. He has chosen the pre-written quest, "Keep On theShadowfell". My current character is not on the DM's nice list for he has haggled, tricked and downright lied almost every valueble item and gold piece out of the town's resident duke. Here's an example: "Duke: Help! help! The dead have risen from their graves and we fear they will attack the town! Me: So let me geuss you want us to stop them? Duke: Well... yes. Me: I do't know... i'm still pretty tired from the last little adventure you sent us on... Maybe if you offer me a little incentive... Duke: Fine, how much do you want?Me: 500 G.P. Duke: WHAT?! 50! Me: I'm sorry i'm growing tired... my fee just went up to 600. Duke: That's not how you haggle! Me: Just for that little remark my fee is now 700. Duke: What do you even need the money for anyway! Me: Well, there was this magic armor I've had my eyes lately... Duke: I'll give you the armor free. Me: Deal!" Now what I neglected to mention to our good friend the Duke and also our DM that the armor was worth 5000 G.P. My price was 500 G.P. Heh heh.

Martial Arts
One of the things that is well known about me is that I am a black belt in Kun Tao. (a filipino form of matial arts that means way of the hand) What most people don't know is that my school happens to hold the world championship title in competitive breaking. That's right. We're the best the world has to offer. Now for those of you who don't know what breaking is i'll explain: breaking is basically a competition where whoever can smash the most concrete patio blocks wins. Simple, right? Exept for the part about the smashing of the concrete. the current world record (held by one of my instructors) is 17 (click here for the video). Don't believe me? Here's the link to our website. http://www.bergamosmartialarts.com/ And here's the video of me breaking (No patio blocks for me. You have to be at least 15 before you can try them.)

Games Just some games I got online. They're super fun!

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