all my work juliafb11

I play basketball, tenis, and xcountry. I've played basketball my whole life about. Now i play for a travel team called ulbrich. I like playing becuase my friends from around town play.

I believe when I am older I can go to go to Uconn and play basketball there.

I listen to a whole different veriety of music exept for hard rock.

I love to eat ice cream I could sit in my refrigerator and eat a 5 gallon tub of it.

I want to be at my cousins house right now because they live at the beach.


I want to be known for all the sports I do

I could not do without candy or gum because when I am bored I chew or eat it

Iwould change nothing because I am fine with what I have.

I am known for being quiet around people.

I want to know more about computers because it would have helped with this project.