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I like to play softball, basketball,dance and track. Playing sports keeps me active and fit.
Something that i believe in is miralces. If you don't belive, then miracles will not happen to you.
I LOVE to listen to the ALL TIME LOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!f. There music has a lot more meaning than alot of other do[2]

cool bands: all time low ,cobra starship & paramore by inkyfurreal.
cool bands: all time low ,cobra starship & paramore by inkyfurreal.

I am addicting to french fries and french toast, but i will eat anything you put on my plate. I am a greaseaholic.

I have always wanted to go to italy, because i am half italian. Also i think all the scenary is sooo pretty.
I would like to be known for as a good and loving person.

Something i cant live without is my family and friends. I love them all so and cant picture my life without them.

Something i would change is the attack on 9-11-01 because over 2,000 innocent people died in both towers ,and because it is my birthday.
I am known for my athletic ability, esspecially in softball becausei have been playing softball for 9 years.

I would like to learn more about my heritage, because i would like to know more about myself and if i know more about my history i would know more about me.
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