All Of Julya's Work
My name is Julya. Im in grade 08-09 =] Lulz for fun. Anyway,
Im a dancer. Ive been dancing scense I was 2 1/2. People most of the time say what school do you go to, I normally respond I dont go to dance school. I feel If you love something you shouldnt need someone to teach you that, only you, yourself can prove that to your own mind,body, and heart. But, when I was little I went to Cathys School Of Dance just to get started and now ever scense Ive been dancing!My favorite social website would be myspace!!
And Last I love taking picture of stuff and myself, but I dont like other poeple taking my photo.

I believe in dreams. Like real ones, if you feel they will come true and you want them, let alone want you NEED them to come true, I believe eventually one day they will.

I listen to screamo bands, Circle for Squares, Brring Me The Horizon, Tokio Hotel, Bullet For My Valentine ETC =]
I also like alternative like All Time Low and Paramore.

This may sound really weird but I LOVE to eat banana sushi.
Yeah, I know EWWW. Not really its bananas on a flat white bread with not crust covered oin peanut but and sometimes fluff in the centers. fryed or grilled with confectuated sugar and chocolate on top. Its so GOOD!

Right now I would want to be with my new kitten im getting in like 2 weeks!
This is Baby! She is 4 weeks old. I havent seen her yet but I will in 2 more weeks. I really Cant wait!!!!!!

It would be great to be known for my style! Just like The Major Scene Queens.
Melissa Marie Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth theres so many more but i cant list them all.
I must say these girls are so insirational to me :)

Something I cannot do not EVEN LIVE without would be my ipod and cell phone.

They are my everythings pretty much.Free Web Counters
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One thing I would change is racism/racial discrimination. I Dont think its fair for people who are back,white, asian, or green, theres really no reason for hate. So I wish everyone would be blue. And not differnt shades just blue! =]

Im known for being , well, pretty much being me. The way I talk dress, everything! And I dont really care about the labels I get given either.

I want to know more about life, 0_o

Amazingly awesome credits to the amazingly awesome poeple on flikr who allowed me to use their photos! Woo?

Melissa Marie Photo- Hanna Beth and Audrey Kitching Photo- enV Photo- IPod 1st Century Photo- Bring Me The Horizon Photo- Alex Gaskarth Photo- Blu- myspace photo-