All my work Justineg

 I play volleyball a lot, sometimes when my friends come over on holidays during the summer i have my volleyball net up and we play volleyball. Or when i go over my cousin's he has a volleyball net in his pool, its really cool. You can play volleyball almost anywhere. I love to play it. Its so much fun and i like to be outdoors and active so its the perfect game for me(:


I believe that the world should be at peace, because I hate drugs, I hate that the smoke is killing alot of the things in the world, and I hate the wars that people are fighting in. A lot of people can get really sick or die of cancer or get a sickness from smoking or doing drugs and a lot of people can get hurt in wars.


I listen to a lot of music, because wit helps me when i'm upset or down. When i'm not in a good mood i listen to it, or even when i'm in a good mood i can listen to it, theres so many kinds of music and everyone enjoys it(:

I love to eat watermelon, i used to hate the flavor. But now i love it(: It cools you off during the summer and or its just a good treat. Its sweet and really tasty. A lot of people enjoy watermelon.


I want to be at disney world, because i love it there so much. I love going on all the rides, seeings shows, just walking around and seeing the pretty sight(: My family has friends up there and we go there every once in a while, but i wish we could go there more often. Its an amazing place to be.

I want to be known for being a leader and not a follower. People can be both, or either a follow or a leader, because everyone is there own self and shouldn't be known for things they aren't, I don't try to be anyone else because i like who i am and i have my own style.

I could not do without computer, my computer is where i go when i first get home to check my Facebook and just listen to music, and talk to my friends on aim. I love being at the computer because it feels like my computer is my home, or something. Not sure, but i have a lot of my pictures on here and a lot of my stuff. I write a lot of stories and other things on my computer too. I always use my computer for homework, so i have it for my personal reasons and for school(:


I would change the laws because, I hate how its not illegal to smoke over the age limit, and if the smoking law was changed alot of people would be more heathery than they already are. People are getting sick because of this, and i think its so gross to smoke and do drugs, it ruins your life and makes you go slower and every time you smoke it takes pieces out of your life, i wish they were never invited but since it makes a lot of money, they wont take it away.


I am known for being a good horse back rider, i've been riding horses since i was 5 and i've always loved them since my first pony ride when i was like really little. I love how i feel when i'm riding, when i'm on a horse i feel free and i feel like the horse is always going to be there, they are really good listers too, i love my horses i have two. And there names are Sheeza Scribbles & Josh(:


I want to know more about being an artist, i've always LOVED to draw. & i still do, i draw all the time, and i really want to grow up to be an artist one day. It probably wont happen. But i can always try, i've been doing for the longest time and i'm a really creative person so i'm really good at it, i get my art skills from my mom, shes been drawing since she was little, and when i was little she taught me a lot and how to draw. ever since then i've always loved it. & i can draw almost anything.