All my wor

Something that you do
I hang out with my best friends alot, because they are AMAZING!

Something that you believe
I belive that there will be a cure for cancer, and genetic diseases, because with all of the new technology I beleive we can find a cure.

Something that you listen to
I listen to basically everything, because I enjoy listening to all of it!
sandi_thom.jpg sandi thom

Something that you like to eat
I like to eat oreos, because i think it is very yummy!

Some place you want to be
I want to be in Disney World, because I have never been there before!

Something you want to be known for
I want to be known for being a good friend, because that is very important to me!

Something you cannot do without
I cannot do without my friends, and my family. I cannot live without them because I love them so much!


Something you are known for
I am known for being a basketball player, because I have been playing since I was in first grade!

Something you would change
I would change the world, because I belive that we all need to pich in, and help the world!

Something you want to know more about
I want to know more about the world, because there are many things that are still uknown!
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