all of my work

Something that you do: listen to music, i like to do that because music helps me relax.

Something that you believe: that the eagles will win the superbowl because i love the eagles and they need to win the superbowl.

Something that you listen to: alternative rock, i like fast past music with a guitar solo.
Something that you like to eat: crab cakes, i like crab and i like cakes.

Some place you want to be: camp claire, i went last summer and i loved it i go every summer now. it is a sleep-away camp.

Something you want to be known for: band, music, i write songs and i want people to know me by my skill with that.
Something you cannot do without: ipod, becasue i love music.

Something you would change: the past, mistakes i have made i would like to change.
Something you are known for: my personality, i awayssmile and my friends know me because of the fact that i always smile.
Something you want to know more about: how the sunsets with different color each day, i love how the colors are bright and amazing and a little bit different each day.
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