all my work kd10

Something that you do is play lacrosse because I love sports and this is one of the many that I enjoy.

Something that you believe is that penguins will take over the world :O ( Inside joke between my friends.)

Something that you listen to is Avenged Sevenfold because I love the metal rock they play.

Something that you like to eat is Blueberries because they are so healthy and delicious.

Some place you want to be is Long Island, Maine because all of my family lives there and someday I hope to.

Something you want to be known for being is a Wildlife Biologist because learning about animals is something i really enjoy.

Something you cannot do without is my I-touch because I always like to be able to listen to music at any time.

Something you would change is my grades in school because I really feel good when I get good grades.

Something you are known for being is a penguin lover because penguins are my favorite animals and they are just so facinating!

Something you want to know more about is technology and computers because I am good with computers but I want to be great at computers.