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Something that you do-I travel because I like seeing the the different sceneries and cultures in different countries.
Something that you believe-I believe in God because I know he will always be their for me and never leave my side.
Something that you listen to-I listen to pop/rap because the songs have good beats.
Something that you like to eat-I like to eat cannolis becasue they are an italian pastry, and I'm italian, and the filling is rich, creamy, and delicious.
Some place you want to be-I want to be in Rome because the scenery their is beautiful.

Burning Rome by cuellar
Burning Rome by cuellar
Something you want to be-I want to be a stock broker because I think it is fun buying and selling stocks from top companies, and you make A LOT of money.
Something you cannot do without-I cannot do without my family and friends because I need to have people in my life that I can trust and be goofy around.
[1] Something you would change-I would want to change my selfishness because you don't get anywhere in life if you are.
Something you are known for-I am kown for my bubbly personality because I am always happy.
omething you want to know more about- what is on the bottom of the ocean where mankind cannot reach because there might be something down there that is supposed to be kept secret.



hollister by xomal11
hollister by xomal11


italian-flag by halfblood
italian-flag by halfblood


vegan cannolis by KCA
vegan cannolis by KCA


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