All My Work Kathrynmr11 I play Volleyball because its great exersize and I'm an excellent player. I've been playing since I was 7 years old and I have an older sister who plays for Sheehan Titans

I believe that teachers should'nt give us homework because the only reson we go to school is to do work and the only reason we go home at the end of the day is to relax and we wont be able to do that if we have to do homework all night. :'(

I listen to my sisters advice, always, when I'm having trouble with something. Out of anybody, shes the one who gives me the best advice whether its educational problems or social.

I love to eat chocolate cream pie and every year, when I get together with my family, atleast 2 of my family members bake it. Everytime we get together I always look forward to eating it.

I want to be at ECA (Educational Center for the Arts) for highschool because it is an Arts school and i love to sing and act. I'm not much of a dancer and I heard the school is really fun and the process is I go to my regular school for my regular classes for half the day and then I go on a bus to ECA until 4:00 everyday to do my singing and acting there.

I want to be known for singing and acting as a celebrity because I think it will be a great career for me because I love doing it and its my life.
I could not do without my voice because I would'nt be who I am without it. If I didn't have my voice, I would'nt be friends with the people I met in all of the productions i've been in after all these years.

I would change where I live right now and move to California so I can audition more for more :) When I was younger, I was part of the Rhode Island Modeling Agency and I had to be in all of these big contests in South Carolina and you had to do commercials, singing, acting (monologues) modeling, and dancing.

I am known for my "big mouth" because I'm always yelling and spreading rumors (not proud of it) some people can hear me from other classrooms... I dont mean to it just happens and I open my mouth before thinking first.

I want to know more about my family life because i dont even know some of my cousins and my goal in life will be to meet all of them so i dont end up wondering what they were like or how they would have changed my life.