My name is KAYLA !!!!! all_my_work
All these photos are from in the creative commons. im not a photo stealer. im a good girl :]

Something that you do:I write!!!1 poems, novels short stories.
something that you believe: I believe in equality, peace, love 312620784_7df5eabe3c_m.jpg2288858232_c93f29b2fe_m.jpg

something you listen to: the clash!
something you like to eat: I love to eat goldfish
because they taste good and i could eat them for hours and hours and hours.

some place you want to be: I want to be in Venice Italy because it's very pretty there and they have canals instead roads and thats awsome :] maybe cause it's far away from my parents... ooh devious.

something you want to be known for: I want to be known for my books i will write, because then my words will be stamped in people's brains and I don't know.

something you cant do without:I can't do without love because all you need is love and don't let anyone tell you different.(in background: all you need is love dundundunnuhna all you need is love dundundunnuhna all you need is looooooooooooooooooove love is all you need)

something you would change:I would change pregidice and judgeing so that everybody was happy and nice to each other. and then everyone would be friends and i dont know that just sounds like a good idea right?
something you are known for:I am known for being strange because normality is disgusting. BE UNIQUE PEOPLE.
something you want to know more about:I want to know more about what other people are thinking because if i could read minds it would help me know who to trust. and i could win at go fish.

note to future emplyer:
I am very hardworking. I'm quite a people person and i talk A LOT. I will have gone to Weslyan for a really long time and will be very smart. So HIRE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!