all my work- kristang11

I play outside with my friends alot beacuse its fun, it gets you active so you stay healthy, and it gives you something to do,so you watch t.v all the time.


I believe that people should always have food and there wont be any world hunger because everyone gets hungry, all people deserve to eat, and people could starve to death if they dont eat.


I listen to alot of music, escpecially Lil' Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and a bunch of other, people because it sheers me up, it makes the time go by fast, and it is fun to listen to.


I love to eat cheesebugers because they are yummy, they are also good for you beacuse they have lots of protein, and you could put anything on them.

I want to be at Hawaii beacuse there is lost of history there, its always warm, and there are lots of beaches with clear, blue water.


I want to be known for doing something bigger than myself because there are alot of things that are wrong with the world and they need to be changed like the driving age should stay at 16, I have a unique point of view, and I can put myself in other people's shoes.

I would change the dress code beacuse we should be able to wear what ever clothes we want because its an expression of our personality, none of the girls have clothes that the principal wants us to wear, also some parents might not have the money to but their kids new clothes.

I am known for being overly dramatic beacuse well I am, Im always sarcatic, and I stretch things on more then I should.

I want to know more about the Tittanic beacuse its very interesting, not much is known about it, and it was supposed to be "unsinkable" but it sank.

I could not do without my friends. They are always there for me through everything. When ever their around its soooo much fun and we have the best times. Were wild and crazy. We always have the best parties…Ieven threw a surprise party for my best friends 13th birthday party! It was the best party of the year. One of my favorite times was: I had a birthday party and it was my closest friends and we were outside and all of a sudden we saw a meteor.It was the coolest thing! It was huge and brighter than all the stars, then it cracked in half and it went back up into space. That night was alot of fun. I love my friends!(:<3