All of my work.

Something that you do- Hang out with my friends because it's alot of fun.
Something that you believe- People can sursprise you.

Something that you listen to- Music.
Something that you like to eat- Cerial because i love the the taste of milk mixed with the cerial.
Some place you want to be-Thailand because the beaches are beautiful and the weather is warm.
Something you want to be known for- Going to alot of different interesting places.
Something you cannot do without- Cerial because it's my favorite food and i can't live without it.
Something you would change-If i could change something i'd make killing someone for comitting the crime of killing another person illegal because i think it's sets a bad example and i think it shows that it is okay to kill someone as long as they did something to deserve it but i feel no one deserves to die and i don't believe in killing people for killing people to show that killing is wrong.
Something you are known for- Saying whatever comes to my mind.
Something you want to know more about- I want to learn more about how people think the world will end because i like hearing other peoples opinions on things.Earth!~.jpg