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Something that you do - play tennis becuase its fun and my freinds and i all play, and im not that bad.

Something that you believe - I believe everyone should be treated equally becuase its not fair if there not treated equally.

Something that you listen to - anything that that me and my freindscan dance to beucase we love to dance!

chocolate.jpg <<<Something that you like to eat - chocolate covered strawberries becuase there 2 of my favorite things put togather


i want to be at the beach with all my friends becuase its so much fun when everyone is there and we get to jump of the jetty(or whatevers it called?)

trees.jpg [2]

Something you want to be known for - being a good freind

Something you cannot do without - my cell phone becuase I am constitly on it and i recently got it taken away and i realize how much i need it

Something you would change - i would change global

warming becuase all the animals are dieing!!!

bear.jpg [3]

Something you are known for -

paint.jpg [4] being creative beucase i love painting and coming with fun things do to!

Something you want to know more about - Australia becuase my great aunt and uncle live there and its my favorite country and continet!australia.jpg[5] <AUSTRALIAn n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n n

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