All my work Krithikacb11

Hi, I'm Krithika and this is a little bit about me.

I play a lot of sports but my favorite is basketball. I picked that sport because it improves your hand eye coordination. When you shoot the ball into the basket you have to aim to get it in. If your looking some where else and shooting it or your not focusing you will probably miss. Another reason why I like basketball is because it's good exercise. You keep running back and forth on the court and trying to steal the ball from others. You run around so much you could even sometimes get cramps. The last reason why I like basketball out of all the other sports is because you get breaks in the middle of rounds. You play for five minutes and then you get a break for five minutes. That is a good thing because if you don't feel good you get some time to relax. That is why basketball is my favorite sport.


I believe that I can get in to Choate Rosemary Hall for high school. I believe that because I get good grades which is one quality you need in order to get into that school, I pick up on things fast and that's why I get god grades, and I really want to go that high school. I heard it's a really good school and you can get into good colleges if you go to that school. That strong desire of me to go there will make me work hard in order to achieve my goal.


I love to listen to music. I listen all kinds but my favorite are the songs that have a good rhythm to them. One song that I really like is Fire from the movie Camp Rock 2. That song I think has a good Rhythm to it. It's one of those songs that gets you all pumped up. Also I like that song because I like the dance moves that go with it. They are really cool and they go with the song really well. The last reason why I like that song is because I like the lyrics to it. The lyrics are talking about this person that thinks he's all great and he's better than everybody. It's a good song and I think you guys should listen to it.

I love to eat ice cream. The reason for that is because you don't have to chew. It melts right in you mouth. So if you are too lazy to chew food it is perfect for you. It is also perfect for old people with no teeth. Another reason why I really like ice cream is because there are so many different kinds. Most people will have a flavor that suits them and that they really like. You can eat ice cream whenever you want but it is the best in summer. It will cool you down when you are really hot. How can something get any better than this.

I want to be at at the AT&T store buying a cell phone right now. I've never had a cell phone but I am getting one for my 13th birthday. I can't wait because cell phones are really useful. Say you are in the middle of nowhere with nobody and no phone booth close by what do you do? You either wait for somebody to come and rescue you, you could walk miles until you find civilization, or you could pull out your handy dandy cellphone and call for help. How convenient is that. Not only are cellphones very useful but they are also very fun. You have all those games, you can text your friends and family, you can take photos, All that good stuff. The last reason why I want to get a cell phone is because almost everyone in school has one and I don't. That is why this year I kept begging my parents for a phone and they finally cracked. YAY!!


I want to be known for being the best student in medical school. That might give me a lot of publicity and that is good in many ways. One of those ways is if people know that I was good in Medical school It will be easy for me to get a job as a brain surgeon. Once I get the job as the brain surgeon I will be saving many lives. Do you know how good it feels when you have saved a life. It feels really REALLY good. Hopefully I will do good in medical school and get a good name. You don't want to be known as the person who flunked medical school , is jobless, and is homeless do you?


I could not do without my iPod touch. I always take my iPod everywhere I go. When I'm going to school I listen to it on the bus, when we go for long drives I take it so I don't get bored, I even listen to it at home. Without my iPod what would I do for 2 hours in the car. We don't have good songs in our car and even if we did I can't just listen to songs the whole trip. If I had my iPod I could play games on it. Not only are they fun and keep you entertained but they are also very useful. Your at home trying to do your math homework but you don't have a calculator. You could just take your iPod out and use the calculator application on it. You can also store pictures and check your mails. It's almost as good as a phone but you can't call or text. The last reason why I can't do without my iPod is because sometimes I keep notes and reminders in there. If I don't have it with me I could forget and that might cause a problem. Now you know why I can't do without my iPod touch.


I would change the timings for school. I mean why do you need to wake up so early. It just means that you will be tired in school and you won't be able to do your best especially if you are not a morning person like me. We should wake up late and end school late. That way most kids will do better in school. It's also better for kids to get more sleep. It helps them not only mentally but physically as well. You will be in better shape and in better health. Not only should we wake up later but we should get a longer lunch period. I mean we only get 25 minutes and 5 of those minutes you waste in the lunch line, it's the only time to talk to your friends without getting in trouble and that takes up time. So really you only have 10 to 15 minutes to eat. That's not a lot if you think about it. It's bad for you to eat when your rushed because you could get stomach aches and cramps after. I think they should either make lunch longer or have snack time(especially for 8-2 since we eat so late). That is my suggestion and I think a lot of people will agree with me.

I am known for talking a lot. I might not talk in school a lot now but in elementary school I just kept on talking. Actually I got in trouble a lot for talking back then. Now I stopped in school but at home I keep on talking. It's so fun to talk but I don't do it just for fun I also talk a lot when I'm nervous. I don't know why I do it I just do. Some people bite their nails and others sweat a lot but for me it's talking a lot. The last reason why I love to talk so much is because it gets your mind off things. If I am really worried about something I like to talk about something other than the thing I am worried about. Once I start a conversation I forget about the thing that is bothering me. Talking helps me in a lot of ways and that's why I do it so much.

I want to know more about anesthetic awareness. I watched this movie called Awake and it's about this patient with anesthetic awareness. It seemed really interesting to me and I want to look more into it. All I know for now is that it is when people even though they are on anesthesia they can hear and feel what's going on. So when they are getting operated on they can't move or speak but they can hear and feel everything going on. They can feel the doctors cutting open there body and taking out their organs. That must be very painful and the worst part is is that the doctors don't know the patient isn't fully unconscious so they can't do anything about it. Since I want to be a surgeon, If I knew about this maybe I can help the patients. Lastly I think it's good for people to know about these things because the more people that know about it, the more people that will try and find a cure for it, and that means more possibilities that they will find a cure for anesthetic awareness.