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Something that you do: I play the guitar. I play because I want to get into a band someday.

Something that you believe: I believe that I will get into a good college after i'm done with school, due to my grades.

Something that you listen to: I listen to bands like Disturbed and Dragonforce because I like the kind of sound that the bands make.

Something that you like to eat: I like to eat hamburgers and hot dogs. their quick and easy to make, and they taste great too.

Some place you want to be: I want to be in the Bahamas. I know people that have gone there and they said that it was amazing.

Something you want to be known for: I want to be known for being in a rock band, because I think that I will be widely known from that.
external image guitar.gifThis is a guitar, the instrument that I play. to find out more about it, click here.
external image hamburger-hot-dogs_~bxp28052.jpgThese are hamburgers and hot dogs. They are delicious.

Something you cannot do without: I cant do without food, water, air, and my guitar. I need these things because I need to breathe, I need food and water to survive, and I need my guitar to keep me entertained.

Something you would change: I would change the age you have to be to get a liscense because I've driven my mom's Dodge Charger before, and wanted to drive ever since.

Something you are known for: I am known for my likeness of cars, racing, racing games, and anything that has 4 wheels and a gas pedal.

Something you want to know more about: I want to know more about cars and how they work because that would be what I would do for a career is either fix cars, or own/ work for a dealership.

I like to listen to Disturbed
Just a picture of Disturbed, a band that I listen to.

external image dragonforce.jpgThis is the album cover for Dragonforce's album, "Inhuman Rampage Advance". To find out more about this band, click here. Image from http://www.dragonforce.com/df/albums/inhuman+rampage
This is a Bugatti Verynon, one the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. click here to see the other top 9 fastest and most expensive cars in the world.