All my work Kylemp11

I play video games and some other stuff with my friends, such as running around or sitting and talking about random stuff.
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I believe that I will be sucessful because I try hard in school.
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I listen to music such as Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, and Bullet for my Valentine. I like them because I like their beat and they're fun to kinda hum along to.
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I love to eat chocolate, chicken, and pizza. If I had to pick a favorite, i'd say chocolate, because it comes in so many different varieties.
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I want to be at home, either playing video games, running outside, or eating.

I want to be known for owning my own restaurant someday: Kyle's Kafe!

I could not do without my video games or my best friends, because then I would get bored and I would have nothing to do and nobody to talk to.

I would change the length of summer, so we get more time to play and less time to work.

I am known for being/having a twin, running fast, and always being hungry.

I want to know more about previous wars, so i'll have to wait until we learn about that, or I can read some book, but I don't like reading much during my free time.
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