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Something that you do,dance because I love to dance.
Get ready for pointe by Lauren Elizabeth07
Get ready for pointe by Lauren Elizabeth07
something that you believe,the world won't end soon because nothing is going to end it.
something that you listen to music, because I have to dance to it.
Something that you like to eat,taramisu because it's good.
Some place you want to be,on a island vacation or getting my nails done because it's relaxing and pretty.

something you want to be known for, anything good because i don't want to be known for something bad.
something you cannot do without, food because I love to eat.
something you would change, school hours because they are to long and we get up to early.
something you are known for, being funny because I have a way of being funny.
something you want to know more about, being a doctor because I want to be a doctor when I get older.