All My Work- Lauren10

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This isLinkin Park (picture below) and Paramore (picture to the right)

I love Linkin Park because their music has such great lyrics in it and I love the beat
I love Paramore because their music is something that is just so catchy, for me atleast.


Something that I do, I love to read. I think reading is one of the best things in the world! It lets you go into another world to let you see different opinions. Next to music of course, music is what keeps me going.
Something that I believe, I believe in karma, reincarnation, and the paranormal. I believe that things happen for a reason, that we are all reborn after we die, and that ghosts are with us somewhere at sometime, I don't know why, I just always have.
Something that I listen to
I love Tokio Hotel because i think that their music has so much meaning to the lyrics, what some people find annoying, i find to be the real perspective of people. I love the way all their music sounds as well.

The type of music I listen to is alternative, pop, and rock. I think that the way they sound and their lyrics are just so awesome. Could I live without music? I don't think so.

Something that I eat, soup! I LOVE ramen noodles! They are so good! Unhealthy, but good!

Some place I want to be, paris france at the Eiffel Tower

I think that the Eiffel Tower is one of the most beautiful things in the world, some day I hope that I will be able to climb to the top and look out and see the view of Paris!
Something I want to be known for, for always having fun, fun is explainable, it is just something that I totally love!
Something I cannot do without, I cant live without water, I love water, it is all I drink, plus my phone, the internet and music!
Something I would change, I would change how kids are sitting homeless in Africa, so that they have a home and a family if they don't have one, I think that every kid should have a chance to be a kid.
Something I am known for, for laughing alot, I love to laugh and have fun.
Something I want to know more about, I want to know what it is like in other countries, the whole fact that people live totally different lives then how we live now interests me extremely!