All My Work -- LY10
Something that you do is dance because i started to dance when i was about 5.
Something that you believe is the yankees are the best baseball team because my whole family likes the yankees.
Something that you listen to is pop, hip hop, and JUSTIN BIEBER
Something that you like to eat is blackberries because they're sweet.
Some place you want to be is italy because im half italian.
Something you want to be known for is having fun and being unique because i am quite different from other people.
Something you cannot do without is reading because i LOVE to read different kinds of books. Especially the Twilight Series.
Something you would change is how people think of me because some people think that i'm "uncool" or what ever but honestly, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME.
Something you are known for i'm known for being myself and being crazy.
Something you want to know more about i want to know more about italy because i think it's a beautiful place.