all my work LM10

Hi, this is Leah's wiki!!!!!!
I do a lot of things, i take dance class, i'm in Girl Scouts, in the spring i play softball and run on the track team.
In my free time, i hang out with my friends, surf the web, and play video games!

What do i beleive?????? i beleive there is another solar system with aliens living in it... or people like you and me but i don't know why i believe in aliens. I don't believe that we will perish in 2012 because if only the Mayans can prove it and no one else can, then why would it be true?

I listen to the popular music on the radio because some of the songs are acually good. And i've been recently listening to Michael Jackson's songs because i like his voice. he's amazing! i love how he dances too! i wish he was still alive... (rip) My 3 fav songs are: Thriller, Beat It, and
Billie Jean.

I like to eat potatoes because they taste good!

A real place i want to be at right now is Japan because it looks like a cool place to visit.

I want to be known for... being a hard worker because i want everyone to notice how much effort i put into 99.9% of the things i do.

Something i can't live, because i'm hungry 80% of the time and we will die without it.

I want to change the enviornment and make it greener because if we don't save water and don't recycle, then we will be living in our dirty, dirty waste, and that's the last thing I want to do.

I am known for how fast i run but I don't know why...

i want to learn more about Japan and their culture because it's interesting to me.

More about me:
i have 2 cats named Betty and Barney! betty_wiki_2.jpgBetty
clarinet by trevorappleton.
clarinet by trevorappleton.
(clarinet) (girl scout logo) (wii pic, because i LOVE wii)

I have a BIG imagination, and i daydream alot, maybe that's why i zone out in class...sometimes.

This is Kirby. > <("<) he is one of my fav Nintendo characters!
he's always hungry. <(^o^)> he's happy right now!!!!!
he will be happier if you clicked on his name.(highlighted)
here are kirby's other emotions: <(-.-)> tired <(*U*)> nose job ^(*O*)^ raise da roof!