all my work lindsaybe10

Something that i like to do is play softball because i think its a fun sport.


Something that i believe in is that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.

Something that i like to listen to is my ipod because I always have it with me.


Something that I like to eat is my grandfathers baked goods like his bread because it tastes really good!


Somewhere i want to be is in Arizona to see my cousins.arizona.jpg

Something I want to be known for is being nice and helpful because I like to help people when they need it.


Something i cant do without is my family and my dog.


Something that I would change is to be less shy because being shy can hold me back from things I want to do.

Something I am known for is playing softball.

Something that i would like to know more about is different countries and there customs because I think thats interesting.