All my work - madisonbb11 I play all different types of songs when I listen to my iPOD ; i like all different types of genres when it comes to music . When i was in elementary school I would only listen to mainstream music or the music the older brother would listen to, I didnt have a favorite band/artist but when I would listen to music it didnt really have meaning to it . Then in fourth grade i started listening to rock ; the first rock song I listened to (and liked) was "I write sins not tragedies" by Panic at The Disco. And now my whole iPOD is filled with rock/pop from different times : The Ramones, Weezer, Cheap Trick, Motley Crue, Fall Out Boy, and more. "Find Your freedom in the music , find your jesus, find your cupid" - Stephanie G.

I believe that art is just more than a picture, sculpture; its whoever said that a picture is worth more than a thousand words- is stupid! a picture doesn't need words it should tell you a story ; and if its not direct than it'll leave you room for your imagination to fill in the cracks . "

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“Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless."- Jamie P.=

I listen to the way people talk , and the tone in their voice . A person says alot when they talk ; not just by what what they say but how they say it. Sometimes when people talk you can tell if they're nervous (or not used to talking so much), you can tell if they are over exaggerating (lying). I wont talk to a person sometimes just by the way they talk , I'm not trying t be mean , but if you talk with an attitude or something I'd rather stay away . So basically my judgemant of you is based on the way you talk . " If you don't open your mouth and tell people who you are, someone else will."- Agatha Thornhill.

I love to eat food, i love food , everything about food ! I eat all types of different foods ; my favorite style of food is sushi. I have been to a lot of places all over the world and I see food as just another expression of art. I'll try it with an open mind and a ready tongue - most of the times i like it sometimes it ends up silently in my napkin . LOL.

I want to be at the Mark Ward Studio in LA . Mark Ward is an artist and his work is the best to me , I love seeing his new material every couple of weeks . On my website theDOT i have a bunch of his work ; its like on every page . His art isn't normal and thats what atracts me to it , cause no one is normal so why should people come out with "normal work" .
Clowns by Mark Ward

I want to be known for my writing , its still a suprise to me that i get away with the stuff that flows out my pen - dont take me wrong its nothing to hurt anyone's feelings but people dont think someone like me would see the world as i do and even Mr. Bogush said that I'm beyond my time~ I want people to know that even though they do stuff they think that no one notices - i notice it . When i was a kid I was really quiet (hard to believe) and everyone that I was shy but I wasn't shy ; I just didnt feel like putting up with people and how they come around wearing their mask , on the mask they're is an annoying smile but behind there is something way more , and i see it as being untruthful . But hey thats just me : thats my blog.

I could not do without my iPOD - not just because I am in love with the music that is up there . .I use my music to zone out people when I dont feel like being bothered. Is that a bad thing ? - whatever. I don't think it is . But even when my iPOD is dead I put on my headphones so people think I am listening to music - and sometimes it works , and other times I'm pressing pause like its my job just to hear what the have to say .
I would change nothing about me - except for my insecurities. But one thing I would change , if I could , would be how problems in America are solved. Enough said .

I am known for making people laugh and talking . . a lot ! Even thought I dont like people that wear mean mask ; I wear one almost everyday but last year my mask was taken off and broken . . . I'm not going through that again - ever , i hope. I call teenagers and kids soldiers , why? Cause no matter what older people might think ; we fight to keep ourselves happy - we might not work a job and have problems that they have but we still have problems , we get stressed out . So when I get a chance to have fun and be happy I snatch it without thinking .

I want to know more about everyone - one thing about me is : I hate not knowing things about people . I hate being left in the D A R K when it comes to everything ,really. I love when people are mysterious and I want