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I'm Mallory, if you haven't figured that out yet. As, you are on the page that has my name on it, so....

Something that you do: I play the piano. I also dance. I have been doing so for 7 years. I have been continuing doing this for so long because it keeps me active and gives me a life. This past year was actually my last year. Why? Because I'm not as into it as I was, and need a sort of break.

Something that you believe: I believe that the world will end on December 12, 2012, because I have done research on the topic and found some promising results. I also believe that humans are ignorant creatures, upon which their advances only come with the advances in their technology. Why? Because Jhonen Vasquez has had that idea in his head and projected it onto the world through the mindset of someone I like, Johnny, who also happens to be my icon. Squee! Also the fact I completely agree with it.

Something that you listen to: Vocaloid. Mostly the Japaneses ones. There are English ones, too, but they aren't as popular as the Japaneses ones. I also listen to the theme songs to my favorite animes, and some "normal" bands, such as Three Days Grace.Ultimately, I just enjoy music in general. Thus, I have found what I like. I like Japanese music because most of the songs have a good beat, and because it's something different.
vocaloid_linlen.gif Rin and Len Kagamine image by hinata_naruto_4ever111
vocaloid_linlen.gif Rin and Len Kagamine image by hinata_naruto_4ever111

One of many characters for Vocaloid2, Rin and Len Kagamine. Rin's on the left, Len's on the right. They have such amazing voices, and a cute design. I plan on cosplaying as Rin for CTCON 2010 in Hartford this year.

Something that you like to eat: Strawberries. I love vanilla cake, because I love to eat sweets.

Some place you want to be: Right now? Where ever Jhonen Vasquez is. I'm such a HUGE fan of his work. X3
Invader Zim. Only one of the epic creations from the wicked mind of JCV.
Something you want to be known for: Being myself. I mean, who doesn't want to be recognized as themselves? Right?

Something you cannot do without: My god, sleep. If this were a weekend, I'd be sleeping in 'till like 11 or later. I hate getting up in the morning...ugh.

Something you would change: The way the government is. I just don't like it. It's just....Shady. To me, it seems like they're hiding something, something important. I mean, everything, even the Discovery Channel agrees with what I'm saying. Have you even seen some of their shows? Aliens, coverups, Lock Ness Monster, coverups; it's all best put into the conspiricy theory.

Something you are known for: Being the crazy anime/manga girl, and the crazy neighbor with a rake. Don't ask. Inside joke. :)
manga.gif L.jpg

Something you want to know more about: Life. It's just confusing. And, you realise, we made it this way. It's seems like it's easy, but in reality, it's harder than what the cavemen went through. I mean, we have to worry about wheither our clothes for the day are going to be mocked or not! It's dumb.

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