All my work mariagp11

I play soccer on a wallingford team because I like to shoot, I enjoy the rush when you're in overtime, and I like the fresh air that blows in your face when you run.

I believe that if you put all your effort into something you will succeed. The more you practice a sport the better you will get. The more you study the better grade you will receive. If you don't practice or study and you don't put all your effort into getting better then you won't succeed.

I listen to pop because I like the beat, it's easy to dance to, and it puts me in a good mood when I'm upset.

I love to eat cheese because there are so many different kinds, they taste good with crackers, and you can put it on any sandwich.


I want to be in Boston because I like the Red Sox and I like to go shopping there. Also, the city is cleaner and less crowded than NYC.

I want to be known for being a really good doctor because I will save lives, I will be an inspiration, and I'll make a good living.


I could not do without people because they are someone to talk to, someone to laugh with, and someone to share stories with.

I would change how many trees are being cut down because I love monkeys and they live in trees and it's not fair that we just cut down their homes. It's not just monkeys, birds, lizards, and other animals are being affected too. Also trees supply oxygen which is essential to all living things.


I am known for being quiet in school but loud at home. I'm usually quiet around people who I don't really know but at home, since I've known my family my whole life, I'm loud. I like to get to know a person before I have a real conversation with them.

I want to know more about the human body because it will help me to be a doctor, I like knowing how I work, and it will help me in school.