All My Work Marina 10


Something that you do:Play //minigolf// because I want to try and beat my sister at it, go //gokarting//
against my brother and sister because I like to win, ride bike aound the neighborhood because I am bord at home, hiking because its fun to find/go to new places I never been before.
Something that you believe:If you put your mind and heart into doing something you will always succeed because when you take your time you understand more that way you succeed.
Something that you listen to: Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift,and any other music because the music sounds good.
Something that you like to eat: I like to eat pizza and icecream because they taste good.
Some place you want to be: Texas
because I have family down there and being in texas makes me happy.

Something you want to be known for: Being a good person because thats who i am.
Something you cannot do without:My family because I don't want to be alone and they are always there for me.
Something you would change:My birthday because it was boring and we spent the whole day finding a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding and getting something for my brother.
Something you are known for:Being a quiet person in school because I am quiet.
Something you want to know more about: real estate, finance and architecture because thats what I want to do in the future.