All my work marissamp11
I play volleyball for the wallingford parks and recreation because I enjoy staying active and I also like playing with my friends another reason I like volleyball is I like to spike.

I believe that Uconn girls basketball is the best team! If I dont get far in my career of volleyball then I would definitaly choose to play for Uconn I think that they are really good, they have a good coach and i think Uconn is also a good college.

I listen to a lot of music because I like to listen to the radio in the car. I listen to music because it makes me happier when I am down and my last reason why I like music is because I like to dance to it with my friends. Some of the music i enjoy to listen to is justin bieber.

I love to eat pizza at J' Roos restourant because they have some types of pizzas that you probably never herd about before and it is my favorite dinner. I like to eat it because its a nice time to go out and have pizza with my friends and family

I want to be in Misquamicut Rhode Island because it is my favorite vacation spot, I like to get tan, and because every year I go with my best friend summer and it is soo much fun to hang out and do whatever we want.


I want to be known for being a really good volleyball player. I really want to try out for the team in Seehan High School next year. I also really want to try out for the team beacuse I have never made a school team before.
I could not do woth out my friends and family because if I didnt have my friends I would be very lonley and if I didnt have my family I would not have all the support that I need.
I would change my attitude against school because I believe that when you have a good attitude you could achieve anything in school. This year I would like to not have any C's and I am going to try hard to keep my mind focused. :)
I am known for being a great volleyball player because its my favorite sport and because I want to play it all the way up to college. Volleyball is my favorite sport and I will never give up on it.

I want to know more about science because last year that was my weekest subject and I think that if I focus on it more this year and dont mess around as much I wont get anymore C's.