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Something that you do: I like going to car shows because my family owns a 94 Corvette.DSCN0341.JPGDSCN0342.JPG
Photos by Matt Esposito
I also like playing hockey.
And I like shooting airsoft and paintball.
My favorite baseball team is the Yankees
Something that you believe: That everyone is equal.
Something that you listen to: I like to listen to Journey and groups like that.
Something that you like to eat: I like to eat seafood, but lobster is probably my favorite.
Some place you want to be: Not in school, but on vaction.
Something you want to be known for: A very successful person.
Something you cannot do without: Probably me computer.
Something you would change: School.. we go too long!
Something you are known for:being funny.
Something you want to know more about: How computers work?