All my work matthewvg11

I play Modern Warfare 2 because I get alot of enjoyment out of it. The concept of a game simulating war was a concept that hooked me from the start, being able to play with my friends in heated multiplayer match is alot of fun, but mostly it's a game so I just have fun with it.

I believe that life is worth living. Life is gift that is give to us we only have one so live it to the fullest, even when life gets you down you have to keep on living it through the good time and bad, I would never give up on life an nethier should you it's your life live it the way you want.

I listen to heavy metal music, because the heavy riffs make a enjoyable fast experience that make me crave it more, The double drum pedals that coursate through a raging speed guitar solo make my heart race, and the pounding of the bass bring the rhythm into focus.

I love to eat anything sweet. Yeah I'll admit it I have a sweet tooth I love chocolate the only thing I need in this world is chocolate and love, Sweets are probably the only thing that get me up in the morning that and love, to conclude sweets are my life they are my life and I am theirs don't diss the power of sweets.

I want to be at my house chilling. Most times I'm lazy and I don't like to do much work so usually my house is my santuary, I often do some of my best work with whatever it is I'm doing with my computer. Basically my home is where I feel most at home.

I want to be known for review I will do for music and games, because I want others to know my views on things, I will offer different views on the trends for popular games and such, I want other to know what I thing of the things that they have come to do in their every day lives, but mostly I do it because it's fun to do.

I could not do without the support I get from my friends and parents. They lift me up and help me get through the day, their encouraging words help me get out of bed each morning, they help me find who I am in this ocean of chaos.

I would change myself for the good of others. I find that sometimes my actions my hinder the ideas of others so I will change myself for the good of others or for a project. I know that I can be annoying, but thats one thing I'm trying to control more that way people are able to tolerate me more, but mostly I do it for myself.

I am known for being that funny guy that keeps to himself and trys to a little out going. I aminly try to do this because I don't really like getting wrapped up in the dramas of school. It also helps manage my life a bit by making a little less hectic. Mostly I do this because I get to meet alot of nice people.

I want to know more about the universe. Their so many unexplainable things that I know that the answer are out there and I intend to find them. I'm intrested in things unknown like is it possible to travel at the speed of light? Mostly it's because I'm a big fan of science fiction.