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Something that I do is dance. I do ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop.
I believe that there is life up in Heaven after death on this earth. I believe that God is watching over us all and caring for those who are ill or hurt.
I listen to bands like Jonas Brothers, Ali and Aj, Jordin Sparks, Daughtry, and more.
Something that I like to eat is pickles. My favorite are Claussen but Vlastic are good too. My Grandma sometimes makes some for me.
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I want to be in Hawaii right now. I really want to be on vacation, on a beach in the sun.
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I want to be a teacher, doctor, or play/vocal director. I like music and school. I also want to care for people.
I cannot do without chocolate. I LOVE chocolate.
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I would change poverty and sickness and make them not exist if I could. They are so horrible and are causing death to our world.
I want to be known as someone who takes action instead of just talking about something.
I am known for getting good grades. People know that I do well in school and expect me to do well.
I want to know more about the world and how it began in different people's point of view.
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Isn't this guy so cute! He's a baby Fennec Fox!
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He reminds me of a Chihuahua. But he's Fennec Fox!
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