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I play soccer for my town. I have been playing for 9 years but started playing on a
competition travel team only 5 years ago.
I enjoy playing soccer because it keeps me active.
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I believe that with a little help and practice,
anything can be achieved

because of the saying "practice makes perfect" which means the more you practice,
the better you will get and the closer you will come to reaching your goal.

I love to listen to Flyleaf and Paramore because
there is a different meaning to their lyrics that most songs have.
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Flyleaf CD Cover __Flyleaf Band Members
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I like to eat lots of different foods but I am addicted to Oreos
beacuse of the cream in the middle.

I would love to go somewhere out of the country
like Paris or Rome.
The history of Rome is very exciting so
I think it would be very enjoyable.
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I want to be known as a kind and caring person because being selfish and rude would make me a person that a lot of people would not want to be around.

I cannot live without my family and friends. They are my life and I spend everyday with them.

I would change the way a lot of people see the world
because many things are taken for granted that shouldn't be.
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I do not know specifically what I am known for, however I have been told I was known for playing soccer and a few other things.

I want to know more about my family's history because I do not know much about it and I think it would be very interesting to learn.

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