All my work MelissaC 10
Something that you do
- I love to play tennis with my friends, writing stories, and video games.They're awsome! .

Something that you believe- Beauty is only skin deep. The true beauty is within. I believe this since I'm not perfect on the outside, but I'm pretty nice and friendly on the inside. I bet everyone is!
Something that you listen to- I love to listen to Lady Gaga and Paramoure. I love their songs, including That's What You Get, Poker Face, Nothing Else I Can Say, and Just Dance. I also listen to Taio Cruz, and his song Break your Heart, and Matthew Wilder, Break my stride. I even have a favorite Japenese song called Caramelldansen.

Something that you like to eat- Definitely pizza! Yum!
Some place you want to be- I want to be in Lake George, New York. ( i've been there before, and it's awsome!)my hotel was nice!
Something you want to be known for- I want to be known for my sense of humor! I can make the funniest jokes, and the most hilarious comebacks.
Something you cannot do without- I can't live without my friends, or my puppy Sweetie.They mean the world to me!

Something you would change- I'm very shy! I want to be able to talk to people more.
Something you are known for- Being outgoing, and hilarious with friends and schoolmates. I'm very friendly and outgoing to people.
Something you want to know more about- I want to know more about dreams and friendship. Dreams fascinate me!