All my work melissap I played basketball for the Moran girls basketball team last year. I really enjoyed being on the team because it was an honor to represent our school. I like basketball because it allows you to hang out with friends while getting some good exercise. I enjoy watching the Uconn Huskies Women's Basketball team because you can learn so much from how they play the game. They are such an unselfish team with how they pass the ball and play as a team. They also can be an inspiration to you to always do your best when your out on the court or off the court.

external image 4499929280_2788b2209a_m.jpg external image 4499929460_21ea6bbc58_m.jpg believe that every person should live their life to the fullest. I think that if you don't live your life to the fullest you will never know what you are capable of doing in life. Theres are so many life changing opportunities that might happen in one's life. I would love to visit Paris or Rome and if the opportunity to go to one of them came up, I hope I would take the chance. Sometimes, if you don't take a chance in life you may never know how great it might be.

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I listen to the radio station KC101.3. I enjoy listening to all different kinds of artists including Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Kesha, etc. because they have songs I can relate to. When I listen to music it gets my mind off of things. Some music that artist sing you can sometimes relate to the song, but not always.

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I love to eat spaghetti and meatballs. My dad makes the best sauce and meatballs that I have ever eaten. He makes both from scratch and allows it to cook all day on the stove. I have had trouble eating the meatballs that other people or restaurants make because I am so used to my dad's.

I want to be at Cape Cod on the beach. It is a place that is relaxing and gets my mind off of things. I think that it is a gorgeous place to be. I love watching the sunset while at the beach because it is so beautiful.external image 3786168589_00d5492a26_m.jpg external image 3601687155_6ebf447b1b_m.jpg want to be known for being a good person and a good athlete. I want to be my own person and not one that just follows others especially if I do not agree with what they are doing. I want to maintain my parent's trust in my ability to make the correct decisions as I grow older.

I could not do without the support of my parents and friends. My friends have supported me through bad times in my life. They have always been there to make me laugh. My parents have pushed me to do my best in sports and academics. My parents have taught me to never give up on things that I belive in.

I would change the way our country views war. I think that there should be peace in the world and not so much violence. I don't believe that fighting has to be the answer for everything. I realize that sometimes there is no other answer but to protect ourselves from outside threats. 9/11 is one example of a time where we needed to respond to the people responsible. I wish all of the countries fighting would put aside their differences and learn to live in peace. This would allow soldiers to be reunited with their familes. We should all thank the men and women of our militaries for putting their lives on the line for us and for helping to maintain the freedoms we have in this country.

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I am known for being a caring and good friend. I always stand up for my friends. When my friends are down, I'm always there to cheer them up. During the summer, I usually take two weeks to mentor kids that have disabilities. I have been doing this since I was seven years old through the Park and Rec center. The kids are from the age of seven to fifteen. I love to mentor because not only are you helping kids but you are making friends with some pretty special people.

I want to know more about becoming a reaserch scientist. When I grow up, I want to make medicine for illnesses that don't have medicine for them already and for illnesses that are very rare. I think that it is so important how medicine can be positive and change peoples lives. At the same time, these medicines can prove to cause some very strong side effects in certain people. In those cases, the benefits out weigh the negatives.external image 4700396878_49304bc533_m.jpg