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My favorite kind of car is the 2009 chevy camaro.
Chevy Camaro
Chevy Camaro

Bentley Continental GT Speed & Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder by RGT3 Pics.
Bentley Continental GT Speed & Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder by RGT3 Pics.

A bentley and a lamborghini

Something that i do is ride quads with my friends because its fun.
Something that i believe in is that boston red sox are horrible because yankees have better personalities.
Something that i listen to lil wayne because he is interesting.
Something that i like to eat is penne alla vodka because its good.
Some place i want to be is south carolina because its beautiful.
Something i want to be known for is a good croos country runner because then i would be known as a better person.
Something i cannot do without my quad because its my hobbie.
Something i would change would be my commitment to school because i would then get better grades.
Something i are known for is being funny and cool because tha what i want to be like.
Something i want to know more about would be about the wars because they're interesting.

Los Angeles Coliseum | Soccer Game by JcOlivera.com.
Los Angeles Coliseum | Soccer Game by JcOlivera.com.

I love soccer, its so much fun.


1.) How and why are children important to daily life? (Both now and during the 19th century)
2.) How are children today different from those during the 19th century?
3.) What century would you have rather grown up in and why?
4.) What was one aspect of childhood that you found most interesting while researching?

1.) children are important because they can change the future. back then children were needed to work on the farm.
2.) children today dress and speak however they wany. children back then had to do so much child labor.
3.) id rather have grown up in todays life. id rather grow up now because you dont have to do as much child labor.
4.) i found that it was cool how we play the same games as the kids in the 19th century. ifound that interesting because the invented a game and we still play it today.

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Lunar meteorites by B℮n.
Lunar meteorites by B℮n.

i like to go camping and stare at the stars and the moon.

Mike Degennaro smells good :]