All my work All my work MT10/​I like seeing all my friends at schoolSomething that you do
Something that you believe I believe that Kobe Bryant will be MVP next year
Something that you listen to hip hopbecause I like that kind of music
Akon by Alyson Hau.
Akon by Alyson Hau. hophau/2710379976/
Something that you like to eat I like steak cause mike_tt.jpg
its really good
Wentworth Falls Lake by simone-walsh.
Wentworth Falls Lake by simone-walsh.
Some place you want to be New Hampshire because there is a lot to do there
Something you cannot do without my family
Something you would change the economy baecause it is not very good
138/365 - BASKETBALL! by CR Artist.
138/365 - BASKETBALL! by CR Artist. you are known for being good at sportsand being a nice person
Something you want to know more about using a computer because I don't really know a lot about them
Something you want to be known for I want to be known for being a good person because people will remember you for be kind to them
Something I want to change is bulling because you can really hurt a persons feelings

During the 19thcentury there was a lot of weird stuff with the kids there, and things just got even weirder in the 21st century with American kids.
In the 19th century American kids didn’t have a lot of fun things to do like we do now. They had games with blocks, dolls, games of jacks, jacks, Jacobs ladder, and other games. Today we have more interesting and fun games, like scrabble, sorry, battle ship, and connect four. Those games are fun to play and aren’t in one color.
In my opinion living in the 19th century was a better way of losing weight. I think It’s better because they were always outside doing something. They were either outside doing hard work for their parents or playing outside with their friends. In our century we have a lot of obese people in our century because they do nothing but sit down and watch tv or something else. I like having electronics, but I think It would be better if we didn’t have them so we’ll be outside more. I can understand, IPods for listening to music, but playing Xbox for seven hours that’s crazy. presentaion