All my work michaelmp11

I play baseball, basketball, and football. I like playing football because you get to hit people without getting yelled at and you get to hang out with friends. I also like baseball and basketball because they are exciting and fun.

I believe that you can achieve anything that you want if you put a great amount of effort into it. If you work really hard, there is no reason why you can't achieve what you want. All you have to do is practice everyday and get better at what you are training for.
I listen to hip hop and rock music because they are lively and entertaining. I also like how rock music gets you pumped up before sports games and hip hop is just fun to listen to. My favorite rapper is Drake because his songs catch your attention and are interesting.

I love to eat pasta because my dad and grandpa make an amazing home made Italian tomato sauce with home made meatballs. It takes seven hours to cook, but it is worth the work. Especially with sausage, beef, pork, home made meatballs and home made braciole. Braciole is beef pounded thin with a pesto sauce made of basil, garlic, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, walnuts rolled up in the middle.

I want to be at my beach house because its a lot of fun to go fishing, crabbing and boating. There is so much to do there. You can swim, crab, fish and play games on the beach. You can also walk down the street to a restaurant called The Sandpiper. They have an outside store where you can buy ice cream and food from the restaurant.
I want to be known for playing sports and getting good grades in school. I don't want to be known for fooling around in class. I wanna be known for getting good grades because an education will get you further in life than just goofing off in class and not caring.
I could not do without friends because i'm always hanging out with them and i would have nothing to do if i didn't have any. They are always around and if one isn't home, then the other ones are. We hang out almost every day after school and all the times on the weekends.
I would change nothing because there is nothing that I regret. I always do something that I'm proud of. I know that if I'm about to do something that I would regret, then I back away and don't do it.
I am known for being a catcher in baseball because I am good at blocking balls in the dirt and I have a good arm to throw people out. I love to throw people out when they try to steal a base because everyone cheers you and it feels good. My favorite catcher in the MLB is Ivan Rodriguez.

I want to know more about the history of my family because i find it interesting to learn about my ancestors. I know that my dads grandfather came to America on a boat from Italy in 1917 and my moms great grandparents were from Sweden and Britain. I would really just like to learn about my ancestry.